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The Food-preneurs of Victoria Bring Passion to the Plate

Have you ever had the urge to turn that legendary family recipe into a successful food product? It’s a popular pursuit here on Vancouver Island....
arcade gamer looking at the machine

Quazar’s Arcade Embraces the True 80s Experience

You can almost hear Elton John singing “Pinball Wizard” as you step into Quazar’s Arcade in Victoria’s Trounce Alley. With about 40 games on...


Sustainable Design Products and Companies

Fashion Forward Victoria-based L/L Supply Co sources leftover fabric from other brands, deadstock and warehouse off-cuts destined for the landfill, and repurposes that waste into...

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Doodle App Makes Meetings Easier

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Rounding up attendees for meetings can be like herding cats. Doodle is a scheduling app that solves this problem with an easy voting system...

CarbonCure Technologies Cuts Down on Concrete Carbon Emissions

Last spring, Robert Niven’s company CarbonCure received a fistful of cash from Breakthrough Energy Ventures (BEV), an investment group whose board includes Bill Gates,...