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Audience at the Social Media Camp 2018

What’s Happening in Business in Victoria, B.C.

Vancouver developer Aragon Properties has launched The Discovery Centre in Cook Street Village as an information hub to liaise with the community on Aragon’s...

Ogden Point Rebrands as The Breakwater District

What’s in a name? A great deal if you are trying to bring new vitality to a part of Victoria most people never see...
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Latest updates for your GOOGLE MY BUSINESS listing

Creating a Google My Business listing is free and easy to do, but the business owner who takes the time to optimize her listing...

Keeping Up With Social Media in Canada

What is Growing... Facebook 72% to 82% Instagram 29% to 39% Reddit 9% to 18% What is Slowing... YouTube 60% to 63% Twitter 27% to 29% LinkedIn 12% to 16% What is Declining... Snapchat 17% to 14% Tumblr 5% to 3% SOURCE: INSIGHTS...
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