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Downtown Victoria is Dealing with Unprecedented Change

How you experience downtown Victoria depends greatly on which blocks you explore. Some are flush with heritage charm. Others are contemporary — curated to...

2019 South Island Prosperity Index Shows Progress — and Areas to Improve

The newly released 2019 South Island Prosperity Index shows that our region performs very well on indicators related to environmental and human health, but...


Abeego paper

Abeego ‘s Mission to Reduce Food Waste

If you’d told Toni Desrosiers 10 years ago that she would change food culture with an invention made from a scrap of fabric and...

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Nominations open for the 18th Annual VIATEC Awards

VIATEC awards
Nominations are now open until April 1st for one of the largest and most thrilling technology award shows in the country. This year, the VIATEC Awards...

The Timely Art of Watch Collecting

I never thought much about my watch until the day it died. A sturdy, utilitarian Swiss timepiece, it’s been on my wrist for more than two...