How well is our Island positioned for business recovery from a pandemic? As it swept across the planet, COVID-19 dealt swift and harsh blows to economies around the world. Vancouver Island was no exception, with a survey by the BC Chamber of Commerce revealing over 70% of business owners expected a more than 50% drop in revenue.

Now, after almost 3 months in economic lockdown as residents stayed home to flatten the curve, the B.C. Government has begun lifting restrictions, slowly moving people back to their businesses to begin recovery and a semblance of normal life.

When stay-at-home orders were first issued and communities began to feel its impact, Douglas magazine partnered with CHEK News to explore the issues, the challenges and the opportunities this immense change presented. The series Conversations in a Crisis interviewed business owners and community leaders who were grappling with the pandemic and fighting their way through it.

Now that we’re starting to look to a different future than the one we’d all envisaged, we’re changing the focus of the series. We’ve renamed it Road to Recovery, and we’ll once again be covering the challenges, issues and opportunities business is experiencing — but this time as we emerge from lockdown into a brand new world.

CHEK News anchor Joe Perkins hosts the series, which airs Sundays at 5 pm on CHEK News, both on television and livestreamed via their website.


Sunday, June 21
Devesh Bharadwaj, Pani Energy and Jill Doucette, Synergy Enterprises discuss the impact of the pandemic on the green economy. Will businesses still support climate change mitigation as they work on their own recovery? Click HERE to for the interview.

Sunday, June 28
Dr Richard Gale, Director of Camosun Innovates shares how the R&D hub for Victoria business has stepped into help protect healthcare workers and the community from COVID-19, and how they’re preparing for a potential second wave. Click HERE to watch the interview.

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