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Christian Thomson, CEO, Marwick Marketing
Marwick Internet Marketing CEO, Christian Thomson.

Every business owner understands that digital marketing moves quickly. With powerful technology advances and machine learning, consumers are light years ahead of advertisers. This provides an opportunity for forward-thinking business owners, and kills complacent businesses practicing redundant marketing techniques. The development of digital marketing is not slowing down anytime soon; in fact, it’s speeding up.

As CEO of Marwick Marketing, a Premier Google Partner agency specializing in digital marketing, I had the pleasure of attending the Google Marketing Live event in July in San Jose.

Every year Google hosts this event to highlight the latest trends in digital marketing and share new insights for the coming year. Here are my most important takeaways every business owner should be aware of.

In 2018, consumers have been more aware of how they are marketed to; they are frustrated by slow experiences and annoying ads. They know what a Google Ad is verses an organic placement. They ignore or get “banner blindness”when they see useless banner ads too often. They will skip ads on YouTube if it doesn’t provide value. Never before have consumers been more aware of being marketed to.

Consumers now expect a helpful, personalized and frictionless experience when shopping for your service or product online. Marketing can provide this in a meaningful way, avoiding the annoying, repetitive and unimportant ads. Business owners should be creating valuable advertising to assist the user. This used to mean giving a quick answer on Google, but now people expect a meaningful experience, and so we as business owners need to understand what they need in that moment.

As business owners and marketing professionals, we all want better results from our marketing. In 2019 and beyond, relevance will drive results. Relevance starts with understanding consumer intent and the journey online. And there is a lot of intent from our potential new consumers, with 3 out of 4 people who conduct a local search on their smartphone visiting a related business within 24 hours. That’s intent, and it’s up to our business leaders and marketing departments to be relevant.

As such, in the coming month, Google’s new platform releases include remarketing across multiple devices, cross-device reporting, TrueView with Action Ads and Responsive Search Ads to name just a few of the new features released. These new products will enable business owners just like you to better adapt and be there for your consumer. It will allow you to do more, by providing more value. It will create opportunity for business owners ready to take action to be at the forefront of marketing into 2019.

At Marwick Marketing we partner with your business to ensure you are at the forefront of marketing. Give us a call and let us show you what is possible in 2018 and into 2019.


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